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Serving Florida families through Adoption legal services, estate planning, probate, guardianship
and mediation

What is Estate Planning?

We provide estate planning services to individuals and families, including the drafting of wills, trusts, advance directives, and asset protection strategies. Life is uncertain, so we feel that it is extremely important to not delay in creating a plan that provides for you and your loved ones if you were to become incapacitated, disabled, or die. Fill out our Estate Planning Questionnaire and all us set up an appointment to discuss your concerns and needs.

Estate planning is a topic that is often avoided by individuals because it deals with attitudes and feelings about death, property ownership, business arrangements, marriage and family relationships that they or other family members may not be ready to contemplate. Estate planning is not only for the old and rich. In today's complicated society all families, regardless of their resources and ages, can benefit from overall financial planning—one aspect of which is estate planning. If you have ever experienced the death of a family member you would probably agree that it is worth investing some time and money to avoid the confusion, delay, expense and quarreling that sometimes occurs in families when an individual dies without an estate plan. Most people, when they stop and think about it, would like to have a say about what happens to property that they have worked so hard to accumulate. An estate plan is a tool that provides some aspect of control. If you don't bother to make a plan, state and federal laws will determine what happens to your real and personal property upon your death.

Ask yourself: If I should die before tomorrow:

  • What would happen to the property I’ve worked so hard to accumulate?
  • Who would care for my minor children or aging parents?
  • Would my spouse and children be provided for in a fair and equitable manner?
  • Would the family business continue?
  • Would the estate settlement be conducted by someone with my family’s interests and needs in mind?
  • Would estate taxes, probate fees and other administrative and legal costs be held to a minimum?

If you have not considered these and other related questions, now is the time to get started on your estate plan.

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